The Horseshoe Tavern - Samantha Martin & The Delta Sugar - Crowd Ambiences

Hey folks! Spent last night recording an amazing show at The Horseshoe Tavern. Samantha Martin and The Delta Sugar performed their new album to a sold out crowd (roughly 400 people) and the venue was fired up.

I spent the show right in the middle of that crowd recording the response to every tune. Ended up with ten samples from various parts of the night including a big encore cheer at the end of the show. They're up for free on our FREE SFX page

Definitely would also recommend checking out Samantha and her band. They have two albums and they're both amazing. We're actually signed to the same record label so we see a lot of each other. Here's The Delta Sugar performing live at our HQ, Idsjel Collective:

I promise you'll be seeing more of these guys.

Thanks for reading!

Ben @ Back Pocket Sound.

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